Refactr Documentation

Getting Started

Walk through your first time using the application.

Core Concepts

Learn the core concepts of the Refactr Platform, including Pipelines and Runners.

Building Pipelines

Learn how to build pipelines using the application.

Running Pipelines

Learn the ways that pipelines can be triggered, how runs receive inputs and produce outputs, and how to view and manage run history.

Sharing Pipelines

Detailed information about Solution Catalogs, which allow you to share sets of pipelines across projects.


Runners are machines that execute pipelines. The application provides cloud-hosted runners, and you can manage your own by using a self-hosted runner.

Managing Teams

Pipelines, jobs, and other application data are organized into projects which are owned by organization.


Step-by-step tutorials for performing common actions, such as integrating with a git repository.


Reference documentation about expression syntax, step modules, and credential types.

Using the API

Detailed information about using the Refactr API. The API can be used by advanced users to extend the functionality of the application.

Using the CLI

Usage documentation for the Refactr CLI, which can be used to perform actions in the Refactr Platform from a command prompt.

Deprecation Schedule

Information about deprecated features and the dates they will be no longer supported.

Release Notes

Information about upcoming changes, recent releases, new features, and bug fixes.