Release Notes

Information about upcoming changes, recent releases, new features, and bug fixes.

Release History

Below are specific features and bug fixes for past releases.

v76, 11-12-20

  • Updated the navigation bar to match the Refact color scheme.
  • Improved release rollout behavior, which should largely eliminate downtime during updates to the cloud-hosted platform. Expected downtime going forward will mostly be limited to planned maintenance windows.
  • Fixed a bug where self-hosted runners would not transition to Stopped state after going offline.
  • Fixed a bug where some form fields were not displaying values correctly.

Runner Agent v1.82.6

  • Added a LOG_LEVEL option to configuration file. Options are info, debug, warn, error.
  • Added global tool installer step modules for all supported tools, plus a few additional tools including the AWS CLI and HashiCorp Vault CLI (a dedicated Vault CLI step module is coming soon!).

v75, 11-7-20

  • Add an “unsaved changes” dialog when the step sidebar is closed in the builder and there are unsaved changes.
  • Improved the display of step names in builder steps.
  • Pipeline include steps in the builder now display an icon.

v74, 11-5-20

  • Users are now navigated to the job page after creating a job.
  • Fixed a bug preventing installation of custom kubectl versions from the kubectl step module.
  • Fixed a bug where some variable combinations would cause errors in the agent.

v72-v73, 10-20-20 - 11-3-20

  • Internal infrastructure upgrades.

v71, 10-20-20

  • Removed personal accounts (see below).
  • Internal infrastructure upgrades.

Personal Account Migration, 10/21/20

Currently, the Refactr Platform offers “personal” accounts, which have limited features, and are only accessible by a single user. This functionality is being replaced by “community” plans which, while still free, will require that all users be associated with a named organization.

On 10/11/20, we will be migrating all users to be associated with a single “primary” organization. All personal projects will also be moved into the primary organization assigned to each user.

Important notes:

  • Personal projects, and all data within them, including pipelines, variables, jobs, and credentials, will become owned by your organization.
    • Organization administrators will be able to view, modify, and delete all of your personal account data.
    • A temporary group will be created in organizations for each personal account migrated, granting each user access to their migrated personal projects.
  • All pending organization and project invites will be revoked, and will need to be resent.
  • If you’re not sure which organization will become your primary organization, please contact us at

v70, 10-14-20

  • Internal infrastructure upgrades.
  • More info is displayed in the UI about the Authy app for 2FA authentication.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Authy push notifications messages.

v69, 10-13-20

  • Improved responsive layout behavior for desktop screens.
  • Added a function-style syntax for retrieving credentials, credential('my_cred_id'). Equivalent to the filter style, 'my_cred_id' | credential.
  • Added several expression test functions for checking the state of local files and directories.
  • Fixed a bug where template expressions were being coerced to strings in some cases.
  • Minor UI improvements

v68, 10-12-20

  • Some SDK improvements (CLI, Node.js API client)
  • Minor UI improvements

v67, 10-6-20

  • Reduced minimum job scheduler interval to 1 minute.
  • Added a feature to enable/disable the automatic disabling of jobs when scheduled runs fail.
  • Minor UI improvements

v66, 10-5-20

  • Fixed a bug where some run events would have duplicates in the run log.
  • Further improvements to API error response behavior.

v65, 10-1-20

  • Updated login page design.
  • Added password reset feature from the login page.
  • Pipeline builder sidebars now remember their last position.
  • Other minor UI improvements.
  • Application performance improvements.

v64, 9-27-20

  • Login emails are now case-insensitive.
  • Improved logo display in the Authy app on mobile devices.

v63, 9-24-20

  • Improved the project chooser page with organization filter and New Project button.
  • Added close buttons to pipeline builder sidebars.
  • Users are now granted individual access to projects they create, unless they’re in the Administrators group.
  • Personal project invites have been disabled.
  • Other minor UX improvements and bug fixes.

v62, 9-20-20

  • Beta release of virtual machine hosted runners. Visit the Runners page and open the New Runner dialog to create a virtual machine runner.

v61, 9-12-20

  • Project quotas are now enforced on creation
  • Fixed a bug in the kubectl module where the dry_run option was being treated as a boolean
  • Added steps.<id> syntax to pipeline expressions. This is a more compact alternative to findStepById(id)
  • Improved run event secret replacer algorithm. Now splits secret values on newlines and treats each line as an individual secret.
  • Some minor UI fixes.

v60, 9-6-20

  • Increased default maximum run queue size to 100
  • Improved API error handling and error responses. Added JSON response data for several common API errors.
  • Some minor UI cleanups

v59, 8-30-20

  • Fixed a UI bug that was causing flashing on initial page load
  • Some minor UI cleanups

v58, 8-28-20

  • Improve application Content Security Policy headers; other application behavior tweaks
  • Application performance improvements
  • Some minor UI fixes

v57, 8-23-20

  • Added Credential step module.
  • Added more options to the runner config file for controlling log file behavior. Now supports various types of rolling logs.

v56, 8-19-20

  • Improvements to secret field UI, for example in variable forms for SecureString variables.
  • New pipeline icon.
  • Improved step module names, labels, and icons.

v55, 8-15-20

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

v54, 8-14-20

  • Improved pipeline validation. The YAML editor in the builder now gives more detailed validation error messages.
  • User is now routed to the pipeline builder after creating a new pipeline.

v53, 8-11-20

  • Added user to pipeline revision history on pipeline details page.
  • The step sidebar in the pipeline builder now displays detailed validation error messages in a tooltip.
  • The HTTP Request step module now defaults to https:// if no protocol is specified in the URL. Also improved error messages when an invalid URL is provided.

v52, 8-6-20

  • Added Go Executor step module.
  • Minor bug fixes.

v51, 8-5-20

  • Minor improvements.

v50, 7-30-20

  • Added three output suppression options to jobs and runs. These are suppress_vars, suppress_outputs, and suppress_events. With all three options enabled, no run data will be sent to the Refactr application from the runner, and variables associated with the run are not saved.
  • Other minor improvements.

v49, 7-26-20

  • Ansible playbook content and file path are now exclusive; provide one or the other but not both. Only applies to direct YAML edits.
  • Git checkout step module destination path is now optional, and defaults to the run directory
  • After cloning a pipeline, the user is now redirected to the appropriate pipeline list page.
  • All API endpoints for running pipelines now include additional JSON response fields.
  • Hidden run variables are no longer displayed on the run page in the Variables dialog.
  • Added tooltips in a few places.
  • Fixed a bug where authentication sessions could sometimes be lost without being redirected to the login page.
  • Performance improvements. In particular, initial page load time has been improved significantly.

v48, 7-20-20

  • Beta release of self-hosted runners. Users on organization plans can now create new runners from the organization settings page. See the user guide for more information.
  • Added a few secondary tools to cloud-hosted runner image, including jq CLI tool.
  • Now enforcing stricter validation on JSON and YAML inputs. In most fields in the application, YAML must only use language features that are transformable to JSON.
  • Fixed a bug where API status codes were 500 in some cases where they should have been 401.
  • Various minor UI and performance improvements.

v47, 7-2-20

  • Launched new documentation site.
  • Improved the kubectl step module significantly. The module can now execute any kubectl commands, and has an inline/file kubeconfig property for conveniently generating a kubeconfig file for the step.
  • Added a Run button to the pipeline builder page.
  • Various minor UI improvements.

v46, 6-17-20

  • Added CIS-CAT Assessor step module.
  • Some UX improvements to OpenSCAP scanner step module.
  • Fixed a bug where builder arrows could disappear in rare cases.
  • Updated documentation.

v45, 5-29-20

  • Added OpenSCAP scanner step module. This module executes the oscap and oscap-ssh tools to process SCAP content files such as XCCDF and OVAL, as well as perform automated benchmark assessments against remote systems.
  • Added Assert step module. This module can be used to fail a pipeline if a condition is not met.
  • Added Bearer Token credential type support to HTTP step module.
  • Added read_file() expression helper function.
  • Added stricter validation for SSH Private Key credentials. Now only allows PEM-encoded RSA keys.
  • Improved in-app support. New support site.
  • Some minor UI updates.
  • Updated documentation, particularly expression reference.

v44, 5-21-20

  • Added feature to set a custom image for each step in a pipeline, including built-in step modules.
  • Fixed a bug where HTTP step result fields were not set properly when the step failed and ignore_errors was true.

v43, 3-22-20

  • Added two-factor authentication feature. Enable this feature from Account Settings -> My Profile by configuring a mobile device.
  • Some UI bug fixes.

v42, 3-3-20

  • Fixed a UI bug where new Boolean variables were not being initialized correctly in some variables forms.
  • Added reference documentation for step results.
  • Added documentation about step results.
  • Added documentation about agent Idle TTL and Autostart.
  • Various other documentation cleanups.

v41, 2-28-20

  • Added result fields to script step modules (Bash, Python, Node.js, Powershell) and CLI-driven step modules (Ansible Playbook, Terraform). Fields include stdout, stderr, and exit_code.